Lord’s Prayer Stations!

27 02 2012

my favorite station: "Forgive us our trespasses..."

Last night, as part of our Lenten series on prayer, we set up a series of small group stations to take an interactive look at the Lord’s Prayer.  I’m including our planning resource as a free download if you ever want to use it!

Download here: Lords Prayer Stations

Here’s what made this work (for us…of course, feel free to adapt with your own group!):

1. We did NOT have the students go to the stations in order. At each station, the youth received a foam puzzle piece, on which they re-wrote that section of the Lord’s prayer (in youth-friendly words!)  After completing all the stations, each small group put their puzzle together to see their final version of the prayer.

2. We gave each group a candle to take with them to each station, as a way of marking that space as sacred.  This simple technique helped keep the youth focused throughout the evening!

3. These stations really engaged all five senses (including smell and taste, which  I find notoriously hard to incorporate into Bible study!)

4. We paired a high school senior up with each of the middle school groups…and it worked great!  Our seniors stepped up to the challenge of leading their groups, and the middle schoolers loved having a “fun adult” at the stations with them.  Afterward, one of the seniors remarked, “My favorite part was at the end, when I had them put their puzzle together and read what they had written.  That’s when I realized: they got it.  It worked.”  

(And when he shared that, I thought the exact same thing!)

The Walking Dead: Youth Bible Study

8 11 2011

We just finished up a four-week, Halloween-themed Bible study with our youth, entitled “The Walking Dead.”  Each week, we looked at a different spooky story from the Bible:

Week 1. “Dry Bones” (Ezekiel 37:1-14)
Week 2. “Bewitched” (1 Samuel 28:3-25)
Week 3. “The Mummy” (John 11:1-44)
Week 4. “Coming Alive” (Matthew 27:45-54)

I’m attaching the lesson plans for you, in case you might ever want to use them.  They’re not anything polished…just my notes.  But, I had the hardest time finding good youth resources about the Witch of Endor, so I thought this might come in handy for someone else!

Download here: The Walking Dead Bible Study