Safety, CNN, and a Bigger Vision

13 09 2014

My baby’s world is getting bigger.

At birth, his field of vision was only about 10 inches long. And by the time he reaches three months, he’ll be able to see all the way across the room. But today, at seven weeks old, he is stuck in that awkward, in-between stage, trying to make sense of his ever-expanding world.

Earlier this week, he noticed the mobile in his room for the first time. He stared intently up in the air, transfixed by the swirling letters. And he is befriending the ceiling fans in all the rooms of our house, looking up at them and cooing with delight.

But awareness comes with a price. For the first few weeks, he could sleep through anything. This week, however, he began waking up to the slightest sound. Our dog’s barking scared him, causing him to cry inconsolably. Read the rest of this entry »