MORF: Working with a Serial Killer

8 11 2011

MORF Magazine just did an interview with [Christian] screenwriter Scott Reynolds, who writes for the Showtime series Dexter.   He has a great perspective on what it means to live out your Christian faith in Hollywood:

“Colossians 3:17 says, “…whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus…”  It’s about doing a good job. I have found that I can talk to people about God —even Jesus —because I try to excel at everything that I do, stay later than everybody else and work harder than most people. I have worked with a lot of Christians that are known as whiners and complainers, who say terrible things about people. It gives a bad name to Christianity…”

“In every job I’ve had — and I’ve had a lot — someone has said, “I can’t believe you are a Christian. If I were to become a Christian, I would want to be like you.” Is that good or bad? I don’t know. It’s a step closer, but it’s not so much in the writing. It’s more in the character that you build, the good that you do, that the difference is made. It’s in trying to be a real, authentic human being. It’s not trying to hide my scars and hide my darkness. He called us to be real live human beings.”

I feel really conflicted about the show Dexter; on the one hand, I think it’s one of the best shows (with some of the best writing) on television today, and on the other hand, it creeps me out to spend that much time thinking like a serial killer.  But I’m loving where the writers are going with the current season…there are definitely spiritual overtones, as Dexter explores his own darkness and light.  And the show gives us good examples of faithful people, and bad examples of faithful people….just like in real life.

And I’ll confess…part of the reason I keep watching the show is because I want it to explore the theme of redemption.  After every episode so far this season, I have told Jordan, “Oh, wouldn’t it be great if Dexter got to know Jesus?  And maybe he could give up killing!”  I know that makes me a huge dork, and the very idea defeats the purpose of the show…but I can still hope, right??