Sneak Peak – North! Or Be Eaten!

15 09 2009

Stay tuned for the full book review on Thursday.  But in the meantime, here is one of my favorite passages from Andrew Peterson’s new fantasty novel North! Or Be Eaten!

What’s magic anyway?  If you asked a kitten, ‘How does a bumblebee fly?,’ the answer would probably be ‘Magic.’  Aerwiar [the setting of the book] is full of wonders, and some call it magic.  This is a gift from the Maker — it isn’t something Leeli created or meant to do, nor did you mean to see these images.  You didn’t seek to bend the ways of the world to your will.  You stumbled on this thing, the way a kitten happens upon a flower where a bumblebee has lit  … The music Leeli makes has great power, but it is clear the Maker put the power there when He knit the world. (ch. 57, pg. 278)