18 07 2009

your beauty
is so great
it defies
words on a
piece of paper.

a pen cannot
what my eyes
have seen.

– mikel k

This poem is framed and posted at the drinks bar at IF Coffeehouse, a little hole-in-the-wall venue in Little Five Points, Atlanta. We went there tonight to watch a concert by the students at local music school Eclectic Music. Every Saturday night, apparently, they host a free coffeehouse featuring local musicians. It was clearly an artists’ haven: there were colorful paintings adorning all of the walls (We forgot our camera, but I’ll try to post pics the next time we go). The food and drinks are cheap (I think the most expensive thing on the menu was $2), but as it is a non-profit organization, it runs on tips and donations.


From the brochure:
“IF stands for Intown Fellowship, a not-for-profit serving ministry supported by individual Christians from Atlanta. Our goals include providing a comfortable environment for music, being a resource to those in need, and to promote discussion and conversation about God and reality … Intown Fellowship began as a church in 1986. In 1992 the church group decided to change direction and begin the coffeehouse.”

What a neat ministry! I’ll definitely be back soon!