22 07 2009

Without  a 9-5 desk job to occupy my days, I’ve had plenty of time lately to think and brainstorm and vision for the future.  Here are some highlights:

1. Yesterday … I had lunch with the pastor of a local Methodist church about the call of God, with the end result that I am reconsidering my own path and will be embarking upon a more formal discernment process.  And depending on how that goes, I may be applying to Candler School of Theology this fall (incidentally, they have a really unique “Theology in the Arts” concentration for MDiv students)

2.  Last night … I had a great conversation with my mom about the new arts ministry that is in the works at Noel UMC in Shreveport, LA.  It sounds like a great time to be in the church, and I only wish I could be there as it starts up!  As we looked for ideas together, we found several neat ministries in action across the country.  (I’m slowly adding these to my “links” pages; leave a comment if you have any other cool websites to share!)

3. This morning … I began preparing for my new violin students: compiling ideas for games, exercises, lesson plans,  techniques.  And I headed back to the basics, perusing my old Suzuki Book 1 for insights written onto the page long ago by my own violin teacher.  Jordan must have thought I was crazy, though: when he woke up, I was in the living room, demonstrating the old “rest, zip, step” routine!