an answered prayer??

20 07 2009

And, one last post about our experience at church yesterday.

Last week, frustrated by the futility of my job search, I decided to change tactics and set up the foundation for a freelance music business (see my recently updated site at!)  I was accepted as a part-time violin teacher at a local music school (YAY!) but will still need to find my own students, and possibly another lesson venue, to fill up the rest of my time.  In my head, I had thought it would be ideal if I could find a church that would let me give lessons there, and I would be more than happy to work in arts ministry and service in exchange!

So, here is a recap of a conversation from church yesterday:

Guy sitting in front of us: Hi! I’m Matt.

Me: I’m Callie.

Jordan: I’m Jordan.

Matt: Is this your first time here?

Jordan: It’s our second time.  We actually were here last week, too. We just moved to the area.

Matt: Oh, are you a student at Tech?

Jordan: Yeah. (they converse about materials science, engineering, PhDs, etc.)

Matt (turning to me): So what will you be doing while he’s working on his PhD?

Me: I’m not sure yet. (I fumble for words and sound like an idiot for a few seconds before I remember that I do in fact have a plan!)  I’m going to be teaching violin lessons.

Matt: Oh, really?  We’re actually hoping to start offering art and music lessons here at the church…

What were the odds?  We ended up sitting behind the very people who are starting a new arts ministry at this church, which will be affiliated with the international arts mission/ministry that they founded!  It was just a few seconds of conversation, and who knows what will come of it…but there was definitely a seed planted!