The Pallet Post

12 07 2013

One day before high school mission trip…All of the paperwork was filled out, all of the programming was written, and all of the supplies had been bought. (Hallelujah!!)

But instead of taking a rest, Luke (my summer intern) and I went on an adventure around town to create a Pinterest-inspired worship background. First, we had to find a free pallet. (Shreveport folks, if you need a free pallet, I can connect you!) Then, we printed and cut out giant letter stencils. Next, we experimented with white spray paint that we found in a closet before moving on to our more effective acrylic paint. We ended up staying up at the church until well into the evening!

Each night of the trip, we explored one of the “One Another” verses in the Bible. Some of our girls took responsibility for adding a new word each night, and then on the last night, we had each participant sign the board using a paint pen.

Love, love, love the result!!! Here’s the evolution of our pallet:








5 responses

14 07 2013

It turned out great! Hey and I’ve got another pallet if you need one. 😉

15 07 2013

Saw this in your Facebook album… and loved it! It turned out so good! With just the right amount of industrial roughness that is so apropos for mission trip.

26 08 2013

Hey! What a cool idea, this looks great.

-Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

20 09 2013

Thanks, Tasha!!

20 09 2013

For sure. Keep up the great work! You have an awesome eye and I’m sure reaching a lot of people.

-Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

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