Reflections: On Bygone Interviews

30 04 2012

We moved back to Shreveport nearly two and a half years ago, without any clue of where we would land once we arrived. Youth ministry was barely even on my radar, except for a telephone call I had received a few weeks earlier from a pastor friend. Apparently, there was a church looking for a youth director, and he knew I was moving back…was I interested?

I shrugged my shoulders, sent in my resume, and continued seeking out other job prospects, as well. Before I knew it, I had two job interviews lined up for day after we would be moving into our new apartment. One job entailed coordinating an annual arts festival; the other was that pesky youth director position. I thought I knew which one I wanted, but I decided to keep an open mind.

The first meeting was by far the weirdest job interview I’ve ever had. Sample question:

Interviewer: This job involves a lot of communication. Let’s say you are waiting to hear back from someone, and you’ve emailed them and called them, with no response. But you can’t move forward unless you hear from them. What would you do next?

Me: (clearly this is a test of my creativity and ingenuity in a tough situation) Well, if it was appropriate, I might try to visit them in person. Or if we had a mutual acquaintance, I could see if they might be able to get in touch with that person. Or, depending on what I needed from them, I might be able to talk to someone else instead.

Interviewer: (flatly, disappointed) No. The right answer is to send a fax. After we call and email, our third form of communication is fax.

Me: (brightly) Well, fortunately I do know how to use a fax machine!

I walked out to my car, blinking back tears. That clearly did not go as well as I had hoped. And I only have a an hour to pull myself together in time for the next one! 

The second interview should have been intimidating — the 12-member hiring committee crammed themselves into the pastor’s office and tossed questions to me, firing-squad-style — but all I felt was a sense of intense calm. Peace, you might call it. Sample question:

Interviewer: What is your five-year plan?

Me: I used to think I had one of those, but I don’t anymore. I’m here for the time being, and I guess I’ll see where God leads me from here.

It was an entirely honest answer, and the committee members nodded their heads — if not in approval, then at least in understanding.  I was only 22, after all.

Two and a half years later, that answer still rings true. I’m here for the time being, and I guess I’ll see where God leads me from here. We’ve neared the end of an era, Jordan and I. We thought we’d be preparing to move again at this point … but instead, whenever we have had the chance to move on and do something else, we have made the conscious choice to stay right where we are.  We realized this past weekend that we just might be planting roots…and the more shocking realization was that we’re okay with that.  Though we’re still open to being uprooted, as well.

Yesterday, we attended the very same arts festival that I had once applied to direct … and we enjoyed being able to experience the decorations and the booths and the music without having to stress about any of it.

I wondered about the person who ended up with the job. I hope she’s happy and thriving and planting her own roots. I hope she’s loving her job and her path as much as I’m loving mine. And by golly, I sure do hope she learned how to use the fax machine!



3 responses

30 04 2012

That’s my five year plan, too. And, it’s taken me awhile, but I’m okay with that. And, I do believe things happen because they are supposed to happen. That the right position always finds its way to you… whether it takes five weeks or five years AND whether it lasts five weeks or five years.

30 04 2012

Agreed! As you can perhaps tell, this was inspired by our conversation this morning! And it’s okay for the right place to be exactly where you did not expect it to be. 🙂

30 04 2012

I love you both very much and can’t tell you how happy I am that your “for now” is close enough that I get to see you fairly regularly and watch you bloom where you are currently planted.

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