Donations (not!) Accepted

28 02 2012

For the past month, the children’s ministry at our church has been collecting stuffed animals for a mission project at Shriner’s hospital. This morning, our children’s minister was sorting through the donations bins.  There were your usual stuffed elephants and tigers and dogs.  And then, there was this:

There’s so much wrong here, I don’t even know where to begin.  First of all, this doll has no nose or mouth, just two black button eyes.  And then, the doll itself!  (The backside was even raunchier than the front!  I’ll leave that to your imagination, though…)

Best of all (worst of all??), there was not just one, but TWO, of these lovely donations.  We’re still trying to figure out what to do with them…but needless to say, they will not be given to the children at the hospital!



2 responses

29 02 2012

How funny… I wonder who thought that would be a good idea… sounds like something Rob would donate (or at least joke about donating!)

29 02 2012

We’re thinking maybe an older congregation member (with poor eyesight??) may have picked up from the bargain bin after Valentine’s Day without looking at it. At least, that’s our best guess…

Reminds me of those dice that Rob gave me so long ago…this could totally be payback!

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