Speak Truth in Love!

17 11 2011

This month, I’m encouraging our youth (and adults!) to stop gossipping, stop complaining, and stop talking negatively about other people.  Instead, we have challenged ourselves to speak truth in love, and be the salt and light of our schools and communities by refusing to participate in the drama that surrounds us.

On the first night of youth group this month, we evaluated ourselves based on the criteria given in 1 Corinthians 13, asking ourselves whether we really speak patiently, kindly, selflessly, etc. (Click here to download the evaluation worksheet we used).  And then at the end of the night, I texted them all the above image (which I got from Doulos Clothing) and asked them to set this picture as their phone’s background for the rest of the month, as a reminder of our commitment to speak truth in love.

So far….it seems to be working well.  Several youth who were not at the original meeting asked if I would send them the picture so they could participate.  And one of my youth yesterday said, “This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I didn’t realize how much I think negative thoughts and say negative things!”



One response

18 11 2011

What a cool logo you found! I think you hit upon a winner! Hopefully it continues to evoke reflection from all…

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