30 08 2011

Lately, I’ve been reading Timothy Eldred’s book, 4 Hour Youth Ministry.  Eldred is the head of the Endeavor Movement and a champion of youth-led ministry (as opposed to youth ministry led by adults).  While we’re far from fully implementing the Endeavor model in our youth ministry, I am certainly gleaning many new ideas!

One of my favorite ideas is a new model for taking attendance: instead of simply keeping track of who bothers to show up for a given activity, Eldred suggests keeping track of how often you contact each student.  The idea is, if you don’t take the time to show up on “their turf,” why would they ever bother to show up on yours?  And hopefully, it will give us a practical framework to move out of a numbers-centered ministry into a more relationship-centered ministry.  Eldred says he tries to contact each student in four ways: individual communication (face to face), in a small group, verbally (calling them on the phone), and written (emails, letters, etc.).

With regard to that last one (written communication), I enlisted the help of my graphic designer sister Jana!  She came up with some beautiful designs for postcards that I can print myself and mail to students, volunteers, and parents.  Now I have birthday cards, thank-you notes, “Glad you came” postcards, “Thinking of you” cards, and blank notecards for all occasions.  I’m particularly excited about the birthday cards.  I’m going to write a personal birthday message on a balloon and attach a balloon to the card.  Then, when they get their card and inflate the balloon, they’ll have a personal birthday message waiting for them!

And, as Jana mentions in her blog post, we’re planning to come up with a new set of designs every year!

Check them out:







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30 08 2011

Thanks for the shout out!! Glad you liked them! And, even more glad that they’re going to help you do your amazing work!

30 08 2011

I like them, too and I know that your youth will, too! Everyone likes mail!

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