Slumber Party Invitations

25 05 2010

Next month, the youth and children’s ministries are teaming up to host a mother-daughter slumber party for tween girls (incoming grades 4-8).  It’s going to be a super girly night, and even though I’m not the most girly-girl ever, I’m so excited about hanging out with my girls and their moms.  (Plus, my own mom is coming, too!)

I thought this event required something beyond the cursory email announcements and text-message reminders that I sent out every week, so I took it upon myself to design and craft special sleeping-bag invitations for the party:

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most crafty person in the world (that honor goes to either my mother or my sister, who can create literally anything out of paper or fabric).  But every once in a while, I just get the urge to go all out, and this afternoon’s project was the result:

Julie and I sat on the floor of the Fellowship Hall and assembled the invitations.  First, we printed out the text of the invitation on pieces of hot pink cardstock, and we cut them into 3×8 inch rectangles (each invitation consisted of two rectangles: one for the front and one for the back.  We also cut sheets of pink patterned felt in 3-inch squares (2 matching squares perinvitation), and glued the felt to the back of the cardstock rectangles.  We folded the edge of the front back into a triangle shape, to show off the pretty felt on the inside.

Then, we created the little girl heads by cutting out a circle of skin-toned paper and gluing on googly eyes and yarn hair.  We glued the heads to back art of the sleeping bag, and then glued the sleeping bag paper together.

Voila!  In less than an hour, we had created a whole party’s worth of sleeping girls — 19, to be exact.  Hope these invitations make them begin looking forward to the party as much as I am!



6 responses

25 05 2010

SOOOO cute! You never give yourself enough credit in the art area–I am always amazed by your creativity!

26 05 2010

so cute…im impressed. i wish you were here this summer so that we could create together. we just might have to do it long-distance!!

28 05 2010
Clair Muniz

If I had a dime for each time I came here… Amazing read.

29 01 2012
Aureiona fripp


19 12 2012
Karla Black

Cute invitations. Can you tell me what font you use and where I can find it?

7 02 2013

This is probably way too late to be helpful (sorry!!), but the font was Curlz MT. I’m sure you can download it, but it was already on my computer when I used it!

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