Crafty Post #2: The Gargantuan Calendar

25 05 2010

So, about a month ago, I decided that our Youth Wing needed some more decoration.  And not just any decoration, either…a gigantic calendar.  This was my inspiration (thanks, Jana!), and we had just enough leftover ribbon from Dinner and Dance to begin!

I had two of my youth help me draw out the squares, which we then covered with blue ribbon.  And it looked…not quite like I had imagined it.  I added on some of the event decals, and it looked…well, tacky.

But then this weekend, we made the date numbers using my mom’s Cricut machine.  This, apparently, was the finishing touch!  I’m about to have to change the calendar out for June, and I’m still looking for more creative ways to post events, but this is certainly a start, and I think it works nicely!



2 responses

26 05 2010

Looks pretty good!!!

26 05 2010

I’m actually proud that you recognized that it looked tacky. we’re making progress here!:) but, no, really it looks good, and most importantly, it’s super functional–> remember the most important design maxim: form follows function!

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