Go Ahead, Make My Day!

20 05 2010

In my “Teaching for Biblical Faith” seminary class, we’ve talked a lot about “signs of learning.”  As my professor says, it doesn’t do any good to just get up there and talk, if no one is learning anything.  We’ve mentioned signs like people participating in the discussion, asking questions, taking notes, changing their behavior.  But, as a youth leader, here are a few of the things that just make my day:

1. Overhearing youth talking to each other about the night’s lesson

2. Parents telling me that their kids come home each week from Bible study and explain the story to them

3. Youth who quote the lesson’s Scripture in their facebook statuses

4. Students who call me when they miss Bible study so that they can catch up on what they missed

5. Weeks after I hand out notecards with a “challenge” on it…seeing that a student is still carrying that challenge at the front of their wallet

On the other hand, last night at Bible study, I had students who couldn’t find the book of Acts, and another who learned for the first time that Job is a book of the Bible.

There’s always more work to do!




2 responses

21 05 2010

Doesn’t it seem like our work is never done?!?! I hadn’t thought that another of this differences between our jobs is that I have to give assessments and I have a curriculum to follow. I know what my students are supposed to know when they come to me and what they’re supposed to know when they leave. That’s got to be a challenge to not have such a guide.

22 05 2010

It really is (a challenge, that is). One of my favorite youth ministry blogs had a post once about grading youth: http://www.rethinkingyouthministry.com/2008/03/what-if-you-graded-your-youth.html

It’s a really interesting concept, obviously not totally practical…but I’ve been thinking about how churches don’t really do a good job at expecting their members to move forward in faith, or at least, communicating that expectation. We teach and preach and have program after program…but I’m wondering if there’s a better way to involve youth in the bigger picture (“we expect you to not just show up, but to be growing and challenging yourself and moving forward, however that looks like”)

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