What DO I do all day?

13 05 2010

I apologize — I haven’t posted regularly at all lately, and all my posts have been about youth ministry.  But, c’est la vie.   I am living and breathing youth ministry in everything I do, it seems.  And so far, at least, I’m loving it!

This morning, I had the opportunity to go help out with the parish-wide honors orchestra.  I got to meet students from five different area middle and high schools…and since I wasn’t their “regular teacher,” I got to be the cool, fun, young violin teacher…or at least, that’s how I’m hoping they saw me 🙂

After all the rehearsals were over, I ate lunch with a group of seventh graders, one of whom is a part of our youth group.  In the midst of our conversation, the following exchange happened:

B: So, do you, like, have a job or something?

Me: Yeah, I work at the church.

B: You work at our church?

Me: Yep…I’m the youth director.  (Just so you know, the student I was talking to is a faithful member of the youth group…comes every week to Bible study, etc.)

B: I knew that.  But…what do you do all day?

Me: Well… not sure whether to be offended or crack up 🙂




2 responses

13 05 2010

Sounds like you must be making it look so effortless!!! Not unlike the way kids think that teachers lie at the church—-or sometimes ask me what my job is. 🙂

13 05 2010

haha yes…but your kids are in preschool… 🙂

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