American Idol (atry?)

15 01 2010

Last night at Bible study, the question that was up for debate was “Does God forgive any sins, or are there unforgivable sins?”  (Let’s start with a nice easy one, right??)

Everyone came into the Youth Room lethargically, and for a few moments we all just sat on the futons and looked at each other.  The Wednesday slump had definitely hit us.  But our activity for the night — an American Idol spoof about rating sins — forced us to get moving and find our energy.

Three of the youth were assigned to the judges’ panel, where they received cards that read, “Not Sin,” “Little Sin,” “Big Sin,” and “Unforgivable Sin.”  The rest of us divided into pairs and drew a sin to act out (Sheppard and I got to act out “murder,” which meant I got to die a very dramatic death).  The judges’ panel, some weird mix of Simon Cowell and God, then judged our sins according to their severity.  As the judges debated their answers, we got into some interesting debates about the very definition of sin (is stealing food to feed your family a sin?  What about getting angry at your parents?)

We then jumped into Scripture, and the kids’ questions took us all over the Bible, from the Battle of Jericho to the Sermon on the Mount! I think we could have continued talking for another hour, but instead we’ll just have to wait for next week.

This week has been wonderful but busy  (although like I said, if I’m still excited about work at the end of a 14-hour day, then it must mean I’ve got the best job in the world!)  I’ve gotten to meet so many youth, and I think I’ve got (almost) all of their names down.  We’ve got so many neat ideas in the works for this upcoming year, I can hardly wait!



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