What a Day!!

11 12 2009

Tomorrow we’re moving to Shreveport.  We’ve spent the last couple of weeks packing…and packing…and packing some more.  Most of our furniture has been disassembled into a pile of boards and screws, and we’re eating from paper plates and cups.  But no matter how much prep work gets done, it seems there are always bunches of last-minute details to think about.  So today was “errands day.”

In the midst of our errands, we decided to go visit Camille at 17 Steps.  But along the way, our car started making a horrible grinding noise that only got louder and louder the more we drove.  We were close enough to Don and Sally’s house that we decided to stop there and regroup; Sally came home to find us in the driveway with the hood of our car open.

She knew a good mechanic in town, so we decided to follow her to the shop.  We didn’t make it far, though, when our car died (in the middle of an intersection…of course).  A cyclist stopped and helped us push the car into a parking lot, where we stood out in the cold and  Jordan called the towing company.

Turns out the A/C compressor was broken and had shredded the belt.  Fortunately, the mechanic was able to do a “quick fix” so that we could get the car back today and drive to Shreveport tomorrow.  The catch? We have no air conditioner in our car….but I don’t think  we’ll be needing that anytime soon! (The other catch is, of course, that we have to fix the compressor when we get back).

All in all, I think we were pretty lucky.  If our car had to go crazy, it couldn’t have picked a better location — in the middle of a big city, right near Don and Sally’s house.  We’re so thankful that this didn’t happen in the middle of rural Alabama tomorrow!!  And an extra bonus is that we got the whole car examined, and other than the compressor, the mechanic said we’re good to go.

Here’s hoping for an uneventful move tomorrow…



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