The Everything Post

1 11 2009

Hmmm … I feel the need to update you….So here is the super-massive miscellaneous post about all (some?) of the things that have captured my attention in the past few weeks:


Collision: a documentary about a series of debates between outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens and evangelical theologian Douglas Wilson.  The principal question: “Is Christianity Good for the World?”  I listened to an NPR interview with Hitchens and Wilson and was thoroughly impressed by even that short segment.

Fatenah: the first-ever Palestinian animated film, based on a true story, about a woman in the Gaza Strip who is diagnosed with breast cancer.  The filmmakers said they chose the animated format in part because it would allow them to deal openly with subjects that are usually seen as taboo.  As far as I can tell, it has not been released in the United States yet, but I hope that it will be soon.


Bird By Bird:  This was one of those books that I devoured, and immediately wanted to reread.  Anne Lamott is wonderful, hilarious, and inspirational, and as she takes you through “everything [she knows] about writing,” you really feel as though you are a writer.  You start noticing people, writing down ideas, and most importantly, believing in yourself.  It was the perfect read in preparation for NaNoWriMo.

Infidel: I’m afraid I talked my sister’s ear off yesterday as I tried to describe Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s bestselling memoir to her.  The book was gripping, telling Hirsi Ali’s story through the span of several decades and five countries.  It was also challenging, leaving me with a lot of issues and ideas to wrestle with.

Everyday Justice: Julie Clawson’s newest book was just released, and I am hoping to get my hands on a copy soon.  I’ve enjoyed reading her blog, onehandclapping, for the past year or so, and I love her perspective on these important issues of “everyday justice” for Christians.

Mosaic Bible: More than just a book, this newest release of the New Living Translation comes with devotions, poems, quotes, artwork, language studies, journaling space, and online resources.  Scot McKnight’s review includes a great reflection on the meaning of the mosaic form within the Christian church community.


Art House: A Nashville-based ministry of the dynamic husband-and-wife team, musician Charlie Peacock and writer Andi Ashworth.  Ashworth describes the work as a mix of “hospitality, art, and Christian studies;” they host artists and musicians from around the country for retreats and workshops to help nurture them in their faith and artistic development.

Gift Card Giver: Gift cards are a multi-million dollar industry in the United States.  And apparently, 10% of all gift cards go unused every year.  So why not put those unused dollars to good  use?  The brainchild of Jeff Shinabarger, Gift Card Giver allows you to send in your unused gift cards (they’ll take cards with as little as 1 penny on them) and donates them to charity!


Eyeball Taco Salad: Pictures forthcoming.  Don’t worry, we didn’t put real eyeballs in there.  Jana and I did some amazing work in the kitchen yesterday, and it was quite delicious, if I do say so myself.  (plus, lots of fun!)

Candy Corn Cake: Not for the trick-or-treaters!! 🙂  And this cake, incidentally, did not have actual candy corn in it, either.  We made it extra gourmet by decorating the dessert plates, as well.

Halloween Candy: It’s officially November, and it’s on sale!  I’m rewarding myself with a piece of candy for every day that I meet my word-count goal.




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