Grace & Piano Recitals

21 08 2009

While in the midst of preparing lesson plans for my first violin students next week (yes, that’s right—students with an s!!!), I ran across this great post about piano recitals by Michael Raburn.  Although it will be quite some time before I know what it’s like to be the recital parent, I imagine it feels somewhat similar to be the teacher.  After all, the teacher is the one who has been guiding their hands through these songs, teaching techniques and (hopefully) inspiring some sense of musicality.  But when the students get on stage, they’re all alone… and you’re left sitting in the audience, hoping they will play their hearts out and knowing that you will applaud proudly no matter what happens.  And my experience with good teachers has been that, whether they’re teaching beginners or virtuosos, they will accept you exactly as you are, help you fix your mistakes, appreciate the progress in each small step, believe in your potential, and continually cheer you on.

And for all of us, making music as we go along in the world, that truth is the ultimate good grace of an even greater God!



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