Note to Self

15 08 2009

Four years ago this week, I started college in an unfamiliar place.  I spent the first few days of class largely just feeling overwhelmed by the whole experience.  On Friday, I attended an overnight freshman retreat at the Wesley Foundation, which was to become, for better or worse, my spiritual home away from home for the next three years.

There were about 10 of us freshmen who came together that weekend, and we bonded over dinner, 4-square, and a trip to Maple View Farm for ice cream.  Late in the evening, our campus minister provided us with construction paper and markers and instructed us to write down what we hoped our “mission statement” would be in college.  What did we think our spiritual journey would look like?  She collected them all from us and told us that we would be seeing them again at some unannounced date in the future.

Today, my mission statement came in the mail to my apartment in Atlanta.  Here’s what I wrote, with neat turquoise marker, four years ago:

“I will CENTER my life around God & allow Him to take charge of everything I do.  I will constantly grow in my relationship with God, open my eyes to His plan for my life, and always be ready & willing to take a leap of faith.”



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