Prayer and Fasting

2 08 2009

A few great blog posts bring new life into ancient spiritual disciplines:

*** At New Wineskins, Perry Perkins talks about how to take prayer circles outside the walls of the church through “prayer walking.”   I’ve participated in similar experiences before while on short-term mission trips (The Center for Student Missions, for example, incorporates an urban prayer tour into the evening activities for all teams).  It’s always a powerful experience to be able to connect your prayers to a particular location, both visually and geographically. Getting into the rhythm of prayer walking on a regular basis could be a great way for a missional church to become involved and nurture its relationship to the community.

*** A brief entry over at Jibstay lists ideas for the modern-day fasting. Fasting is often overlooked in the church today, and I know I tend to forget that it is an important and relevant spiritual discipline. I tried a week-long technology fast last month, and it was surprisingly harder than I could have ever anticipated (and I wasn’t nearly as successful as I hoped I would be). It was incredible, though, to see how the simple act of turning off the TV and computer allowed me more time, and fewer distractions, to connect with God. More on this later, I’m sure, as I continue to explore this practice.

Thanks to Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed for bringing these great posts to my attention!



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