Oryx and Crake

16 07 2009

“God is a cluster of neurons.”

Oryx and Crake book cover

Oryx and Crake book cover

Or so said scientific genius Crake in my latest read, Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel Oryx and Crake. Crake’s life research focused on creating a master species of humans, whose biological features would overcome all of the weaknesses and passions and conflicts that prevent us from achieving our full potential today.  One of those weaknesses, in his eyes, was religion.  And so, for his humans, he took care to do away with what he called “the G-spot of the brain” that allowed for religion.

But, years after Crake himself is gone, his community of humans — the Crakers — nonetheless are forming their own form of religion: they create mythologies, effigies, rituals, and prayers to their creator.

What do you know?  Our tendency toward religion is more than just neurons.  In the words of Chris Tomlin, you and I were indeed “made to worship.”




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